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Things To Keep In Mind While Editing Corporate Videos

July 20, 2021 by Adam R. Anderson
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Make your business videos more engaging with these 5 tips.

Editing corporate videos is not an easy task; it can be difficult to reconcile professional information with entertaining content. However, if done correctly, corporate videos can be an incredibly useful tool for conveying information internally and to your target audience.

To help you edit videos, we’ve created a List of 5 things to keep in mind when editing a corporate video.

1. Keep it short

Your corporate video should not last more than a few minutes. This is an unfortunate reality, but in the age of YouTube, the audience’s attention spans are incredibly short. Take into account that corporate video tends to cover annoying content, and you have the recipe for an unwatchable video that will fail harder than a kindergarten that takes the Sats.

There is always a way to provide information faster. Sometimes it means using graphics instead of a talking head, and sometimes it just means cutting fat.

2. The best things go first

In the first few seconds after playing, your audience decides if they want to watch a video. When it comes to a corporate video, not only is a good first impression important-that’s it! If you don’t come out with your best pictures, concepts or interviews, you can bet that your audience will move on to the nearest chat video faster than you can say “low hanging fruit”.

3. Do you know demographics


Different demographics enjoy different types of video. For example, if you record a video for executives of a Fortune 500 company, you probably have a more informative “no-frills” video.

However, if you are a Skateboard company that creates a corporate video to showcase your new board line, the style will likely be much more relaxed and inspiring. Whether your video is viewed by an external audience or only by an internal audience, a corporate video is an extension of the existing corporate brand and therefore must match the established identity of the company.

4. Design is VERY important

As a video editor, it is important to always provide excellent Design in all your projects. This is especially true if you have a video for a company. Great Motion Design tells the audience that your business appreciates aesthetics and small details.

It is much more likely that you will remember if you have a good Design that gives skill, rather than a forgetful and bad design.

Rather than distracting your audience with mediocre Design or inconsistent graphics, try creating simple, visually consistent graphics – or check out some of the simple business models here at RocketStock. Our business video templates are easy to customize and visually understand.

5. Music = Emotion

Music changes everything. Nothing has the power to use the emotions of your video like music. Smart song selection can tell your audience to feel happy, sad or inspired. When it comes to choosing music, it is better not to cut corners.

For the best music, we recommend PremiumBeat. PremiumBeat offers users the ability to choose tracks based on mood and Genre, making it easy to use an incredibly simple website.

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