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Stunning Music Videos Inspiration From VFX

July 16, 2021 by Adam R. Anderson
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Get inspired by these awesome music videos with visual effects of Last Year.
It was a great year for animated graphics in music videos. Here are some of our favorite music videos from the internet.

Coldplay: Up and Up

Realization: Vania Heymann and Gal Muggia
Why this is so great: Coldplay seamlessly mixes elements from video sequences to create a beautiful and surreal world.
From corporate videos to Hollywood blockbusters, we see images used in almost every visual medium in the world. However, there are not many modern examples of videos that use exclusively stock clips. In her recent video clip, Coldplay has composed various video clips to create a surreal world that has never been seen before. Some of the clips are from our sister site,

Majid Jordan: Every step in Every Way

Directed by: Common Good
Why this is so great: 2D stylized elements interact with live people.
This nifty video created by Common Good is a beautiful example of color theory and 2D animation. the video uses 2D shapes with fluid movement techniques. It’s a great video if you like organic motion design.

Massive strike: Young fathers

Produced By: Robert Del Naja and Euan Dickinson
Why this is so great: 3D objects are beautifully assembled in live images.
This video, created for Massive strike, shows a brilliant mix of 3D composition. You will see in the video how the sphere uses environmental reflection maps, as well as higher-level lighting. This video is a brilliant example of what is possible when you mix Film 4D and After Effects. The performance of the actress also helps to sell the illusion of control.

Yili: Jay Kohl Kinetic Milk

Produced By: Khoo & Dane Neo
Why this is so great: This video blurs the line between real and animation.
In what can only be classified as a 3D version of This Too shall Pass by OK Go, this video shows computer-generated 3D elements that look very similar to the elements of the real world. In fact, you will probably wonder if the elements are real or not throughout the video. Remarkably, the physics in the clip is fantastic. If you do a lot of 3D work, this is a matter study in a real-world application.

MA’agalim: Jane Bordeaux

Directed by: Uri Lotan
Why it’s great: this beautiful world competes with that of Pixar.
Every time your video is selected by the staff, they know it’s good. In this animated Pixar clip, viewers are invited into a fictional music box that is very stylized. The 3D masterpiece is a beautiful example of creative storytelling.

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