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Start Creating And Playing Looping Video Backgrounds

June 29, 2021 by Adam R. Anderson
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Just create a loop video background in an NLE of your choice and learn how to play loop videos in QuickTime, VLC and YouTube.

Image above via Shutterstock.

It’s only a matter of time before a customer asks you to create a video that can be looped endlessly. Whether for live shows, conferences, sporting events, awards ceremonies or presentations, there are many ways to use loop videos creatively.

Make Background Videos In Looping

The trick to creating the perfect loop video is to match the entry point and the starting point as accurately as possible. Just as we talked about in the creation of cinemagraphs, the perfect loop video needs to be reset for a seamless transition.

Let’s imagine your local city is hosting an awards ceremony. At the gala, you will have two projectors on each side of the stage, connected to two computers that run the slides and video files. One computer runs a slide presentation and the second computer runs the video files. So all you need to do is flip a protruding switch from one machine to another.

So when it’s time to announce the nominees for a category, you can queue a loop video on a single screen that plays until the speaker lists all the names. When the winner is announced, you just need to return to the other machine with the slide of the name and information of the winner.

This means that we need to create a loop video background with something like “the nominees” on the screen. Although you can certainly create a simple animation from scratch, I find it easier to find already loop animations or sequences that you can use. In this matter, I’ll show you how I made this video in less than a minute.

To create this video, I just found a loop animation and added text. For this exact example, I used a clip from the Shutterstock Canvas pack with 100 loop video backgrounds. The package actually includes an award category that has ten Loop award backgrounds. I chose Awards_09.

I put the clip in my timeline and added text. (For the curious, ” Le “is in monotype Corsiva, and “Nominated” in Telugu MN.) While I did it in Premiere Pro, it’s just as easy to do it in After Effects, Final Cut Pro x, or pretty much any other NLE.

Well, to have a little more fun, let’s pretend that Jennifer from the City Planning Office wants you to change the background color of the video to blue to match the logo of the city. With the same project I just entered, I can jump into the color grading section of my NLE and adjust the HUE and temperature of the video clip.

The final video clip in looping lasts exactly eight seconds. Now you might be tempted to repeat sequences in your timeline for the time needed, but you can easily loop through short clips in video players like QuickTime, VLC, YouTube, and Vimeo. By looping the video player, you can reduce the size of your files.

So now we have the last blue loop video background of eight seconds.

Now that you have your video file, you want to configure it to loop into the video player of your choice. Most of the time, I prefer to work with QuickTime, VLC and YouTube because they are all easy to use and often compatible with Mac and PC workflows.

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