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Some Tips To Enhance Your Corporate Videos

July 3, 2021 by Adam R. Anderson
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Do the elements of your corporate videos work in perfect Synergy? Otherwise, use these tips to maximize the effectiveness of your video!

No one said that corporate videos must be boring. If you spend only 20% more time improving your video, you will probably find that your audience increases significantly. In the following post, we look at five simple ways to improve your corporate videos.

1. Evergreen add Music

Good music has the power to radically change the way your corporate video is perceived by your audience, so a good investment in high-quality production music is extremely important. Instead of just going to a free music site and downloading the first song in the Business category, you should spend a little more time (and money) searching for the right song.

There are many very good resources out there. One of our favorites is not only do you have a great choice of music, but you can also navigate your music with keyboard shortcuts, which allows a very fast music selection process.

It should also be noted that in the first seconds after viewing, viewers decide whether they want to watch their video or not. So think about how your music comes in. While slow music can bring an effective ending, you don’t want your audience to jump before the video even starts.

2. Keep graphics simple

It can be easy to make the mistake of taking your business charts far too far. Graphics should complement your overall brand and not affect the content of the video. If you are looking for templates, try to keep it simple.

3. It’s all in the Voice

It is surprising how many companies insist that their own employees do the voiceover, although most executives and employees of companies with a large ” T ” in voice recording are terrible. Instead of spending hours trying to get CEO Bob to say “low fruit,” try spending a little more money and hiring a professional voice artist.

Fiverr (yes, the extra ” r ” is supposed to be there) is a great Resource for finding inexpensive and professional voice artists for your corporate video. You can easily release your script and (depending on The voice artist) the processing time can be quite fast. The same can be true if you are looking for someone to do a quick stand – up at the beginning of your video.

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