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Corporate Videos That Get Things It Right

July 24, 2021 by Adam R. Anderson
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Some companies have managed to push the form to a higher level, which has led to better brand engagement. In rare matter, the videos even led to the biggest dream of all corporate marketing executives: to go famous. Here are six examples of corporate videos that get things right.


Most company recruitment videos feature an actor playing a Chipper HR representative listing the reasons why your company is the ideal place for potential employees. Although this scenario occurs (to some extent) in the video below (via Shopify), it’s done in a much more engaging way. This video maximizes engagement due to its movement and exploration of the workspace.

2. Twitter

Humor is a great way to engage potential customers and recruits. But you need to be careful — not everyone shares the same sense of humor. The comedy featured in this Twitter video combines some of the most popular comedic approaches of the last decade; it’s Tim and Eric meets the community meets the office-and it totally works. It also takes advantage of the current marketing trend based on retro or flat vector graphics.

3. Google

In this corporate video from Google, video makers use a documentary style of observation. This filmy approach helps enormously in this matter, because the discussions about technology are dry. By keeping the camera moving, classifying solid slow-motion shots, and including interviews with a lot of negative space, videographers give the video a pop-culture feel. They also use a washed shade, which is aimed directly at the new generation of media.

4. Apple tree

In 2014, Apple contacted Jake Scott to produce a video celebrating the 30th anniversary of Mac. Scott instructed video makers to use iPhones to record videos from around the world on the same day. The video (see below) proves that you can transfer what you need-even if you’re taking pictures on an iPhone — provided you create your photos accordingly and use your changes accordingly.

5. CAE

This corporate video from CAE begins with a stunning timelapse video work designed to instantly engage potential customers and recruits. Just like in a narrative film, it all depends on how you capture the audience before providing them with the information they need. The smooth animated graphics add to the professional appeal and artistic approach of this video.

6. Microsoft

This video from Microsoft is filming on all cylinders. It includes an energetic soundtrack, a solid filmy video work and animated graphics performed by professionals. It is an artistic and professional success that makes it difficult for potential recruits to refuse. The energy of the video distinguishes it from the status quo of the punched corporate video.

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